How to Cook Filet Mignon in a Nonstick Pan

How to Cook Filet Mignon in a Nonstick Pan

Filet mignon is arguably the best piece of meat, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money or empty your wallet in an overpriced restaurant to appreciate this delicious dish.

Filet Mignon is an exceptionally tender piece of meat, so no cooking time is required. Pan-frying is a great way to make this cut as it will burn on the outside and trap all the juice and flavour on the inside.

Unlike grilling, frying in a pan leaves many earthy chunks that are described as tender and can be used to make a flavorful sauce. Learning how to cook filet mignon in a pan is not a problem if you follow a few steps.

If you’re single, this is a hit for dating. If you don’t have a family, your kids and life partner will appreciate this meal at this stage. The best part is that it’s easy to make and there’s no question that you don’t have to travel to town looking for extra flavours or ingredients if you don’t want to. For this dish, salt and pepper are enough. Just watch the video below for a quick-cooking lesson.

How about cooking?

First of all, I suggest you use a cast-iron skillet. If you don’t have a cast-iron skillet At this point, use a skillet that invites you to the stove. Preheat a cast-iron skillet, add the pasta and oil to it.

The pan is ready when the butter and margarine smoke. This is necessary for the correct preparation of the steak. Proper browning will keep the juices safe and give a decent result.

While the pan is heating, blot the filet mignon dry. At this point, add salt and pepper directly to the fillet before adding it to the pan. Be careful, and the pan is hot! To cook decent chips, let the fillets cook for 3 minutes on each side and don’t move at all!

Coat the fillets with the pasta, seasoning, and oil mixture while the meat is cooking. After 3 minutes, turn the fillets so that they are cooked on the opposite side, and continue sprinkling the fillets with the margarine, spice and butter mixture.

At this point, place the steak on the stove to prevent it from simmering. After placing the steak in the broiler for 2 minutes, check the temperature of the fillet. When the temperature of the steak reaches 130 degrees, it turns out to be medium-cooked.

At 135, the steak will be medium. At 145 the steak is now medium. Watch the video below to learn more about how to make filet mignon. If you’d like to learn more about cooking, take one of our featured online cooking classes.


Flip the steak once for perfect coverage on both sides.

Be sure to bring the steak to room temperature or “temper”.

Rest is a significant achievement: it allows the juices in the meat to settle and also to redistribute it, just like in a juicier steak. If you don’t turn it on too early, you will run out of juices.

Ingredients for making filet mignon:

sea ​​salt

Ground black pepper

Three tablespoons unsalted margarine

Vegetable oil


Thyme and rosemary


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